Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sending mails from a Sharepoint Development machine

On my virtual server, there is no SMTP server, so I always faced problems while checking mails sent by my workflows or setting alerts and checking them. One of my colleague came up with an email tool that lets you configure the outgoing email setting for your server, and then let you see the mail. But still it isn't so helpful, as I want to receive the mails, see the formatting, check on the links, etc.

For this came across the following tool:

It stores all the given emails at the specified location, Once installed, run it, it will start in taskbar, their are certain options which can be modified. Upon installation it comes with a user manual which is helpful, but there isn't much settings to do really.

Do not forget to set the outgoing mail settings as the name of your development machine..

Happy Sharepointing..

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